About Us

Buy Direct from Us... the Manufacturer!



We developed the acrylic polymer movement in 1997.  Since then we have sold our acrylic based products to 

car dealers, government agencies, and yes even marketers that sell our products under their label.  You are now able to purchase HIGH CONTENT acrylic polymer products direct from us, the manufacturer.  We have two plants that make our products one in California and one in Florida.  We would love to have you as a retail customer, you wont be disappointed.  We have a 100% product money back guarantee.  With the acrylic polymer we developed and the encapsulation and emulsification technology we use, there is no better or safer product out there.

With every use you are saving 200-300 gallons of fresh drinking water and eliminating the damaging run-off from soap and solvent based car washes that damage and pollute our ground water.


So, don't be fooled by those over-seas mixed, silicone and solvent loaded products that are popping up everywhere.

Go with one of the industry's originals. since 1997.


A better choice for your vehicle and the environment.

And it's affordable, direct from the manufacturer.